Marion Field

Award Winning Author

Speaker & Creative Writing Tutor


Marion is an experienced speaker and has given her light-hearted talks to a variety of groups including Writers' Groups, Women's Institutes, Rotary Clubs, Church Groups, Townswomen's Guilds, Senior Clubs and cruise ships.

Although her talks are related to various aspects of writing, they are not aimed only at writers. They can be enjoyed by anyone who likes listening to a good speaker and is intrigued by the fascinating world of a writer. There is much more to writing than merely sitting down in front of a computer or with a pen and paper!

Some insights into the work of a writer are indicated by the following list of the titles of Marion's talks.

Unclaimed Treasure:  

A light-hearted talk about the author's writing career.

Riveting Research:  

The fascinating ways in which one can research.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Ghosts:

The author's experience of writing different types of biography.

Tempting Titles:  

The interesting variety of sources which can be used for titles.

A Traveller's Tales:  

Some interesting travelling experiences which were translated into articles.

Launches and Lunches:

The author's trials and tribulations of marketing a book.


Marion has also run Creative Writing Workshops for writers' groups and on cruise ships. She is happy to adapt her work to the requirements of a particular group. She can do a single workshop covering various aspects of writing or she can offer a series where the work would be more detailed. Some of her talks can be extended into workshops. Following is a list of the workshops offered.

A Way with Words:  

Discovering and experimenting with different types of writing.

Riveting Research:

Learning to research in a variety of ways.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Ghosts:

Writing autobiography and biography. What is ghost writing?

Novel Ideas:  

Finding ideas from a variety of sources to stimulate writing.

Tempting Titles:  

A good title is extremely important. Discover a variety of sources for titles.

From Life to Literature:  

Using experiences from life in a variety of ways.

Poetry or Prose:  

Experimenting with words and discovering the nature of poetry.

Don't be a Shrinking Violet:

Ways in which to publicise work.

Contact Marion for further information.

Personal Critiques

Marion also offers a personal critique service to writers who wish to improve their work. Please contact her in the first instance by email. The typescript should then be sent by post including a stamped addressed envelope for its return. As well as correcting the work, Marion will also provide a typed critique.

Contact Marion for further information.

Contact Marion for further information.